Notes for Class No. 5: April 17, 2013

Most of class 5 will be devoted to a visit from Marjorie Gale, a Geologist and Environmental Scientist with the Vermont Geological Survey.  Ms. Gale will discuss local geology and it’s relation to plate tectonics and the new bedrock geologic map of Vermont, as well as other topics of her choosing.  We will provide ample time for discussion, so bring any geologic issues of interest to you, including rock samples.

Last week we handed out copies of East Pacific Rise: The Magnetic Pattern and the Fracture Zones by Talwani et al, a paper published in Science in November, 1965.  This paper is one of the many research building blocks from which plate tectonics was created.  We will be discussing this paper either this Wednesday, if time allows, or the Wednesday after.  You should try to at least scan the first page, the figures and their captions, and the two final sections Displacement Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis.  It’s challenging to read terse professional papers in an unfamiliar field, so don’t stress over this assignment.

We will probably be supplementing the last three classes with excerpts from the two-season History Channel series, How the Earth was Made.  Since the series totals almost eighteen hours, we will only have time for a few selected excerpts.  (If you wish to view them privately, the video sets are about $20/season at Amazon and are probably available at Dartmouth.)  Thanks to John Stone for spotting these over the air and making us aware of them.

Keep reading The Dynamic Earth.  You should have reached page 46 by class no. 6, on April 24.

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